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Maguires’ Memorabilia

MAGUIRE’S MEMORABILIA: The Season of Thanks and Season of Giving—December 2013

The intent of this Memorabilia is to carefully and prudently explain how Helen and I feel about Quail Run, our neighbors and friends, and the management and staff who are diligent in their labors to keep Quail Run Resort an exemplary residence for we who live here year round and for our seasonal residents who return to their homes away from home…to all who look forward to that which they have come to expect at QR--anticipating seeing the friends and acquaintances they have made here under the endless Arizona sky and panoramic landscape.

My beloved wife Helen and I have lived at QR for close to eight years. We have made friends, gained friends, and even lost friends whose “resort” address has changed. We’ve seen many changes. We’ve done our best to contribute to a neighborly ambience, hoping that our contribution has been of service to our friends and neighbors, and to the resort management. Such service is a joy, not a burden. Most of you know that Helen and I both came quite close, very recently, to having our “resort address” permanently moved. It is virtually miraculous that we both survived and that we have had some serious health threats corrected. It will still be a while until we are fully recovered, but all is looking positive.

During our recovery we were again beneficiaries of the goodness of our friends and neighbors. This will come as no surprise to all of you who have told me many times of your own personal experiences at Quail Run—of the friendly environment to which you’ve chosen to return. A number of you have even become property owners---have become Seasonal-Permanent-Park- Partners.

The story of Helen’s embolism, pacemaker placement, and heart-flutter procedure, and my, simultaneous, combined electrical heart problem and congenital heart failure that resulted in my having a bi-ventricular pacemaker installed is lengthy. Some of you know it all—about our plans to cross Canada by VIA Rail and visit my sister on Deer Isle, Maine and to visit our family and friends in Oregon and Washington--what I jocularly refer to as “The Great Northwet”—and know that all our plans fell through.

Some of you know, also, of how this resulted in our using some of the money that we would have spent on our trips to do some reconfiguring to our home to make things safer and more comfortable for my wife in her protracted rehabilitation.

A number of you have seen how Maguire family members came from near and far to contribute to improving the health of Helen and me: from nearby Phoenix; from The Great Northwet; from Texas; from California; and from North Carolina.


Helen bundled-up on a cold day at U of A softball game                                                   Helen on our old stairs

Not many know that one of Helen’s long-hoped for revisions to our home was to have our deck enlarged to make it amenable to having pleasant visits with friends and family. And very few know about how Helen and I decided to ask the artistically talented Tim Adams to provide us with a deck that would be not only functionally sturdy, but a virtual work of art. “Art?” That’s right! Helen is a trained musician artist with extraordinary talent, and I am an “artist” who spent a lifetime in that branch of the art business.

Tim wanted a detailed idea about what Helen and I desired, and I told my friend (and Massachusetts’ buddy) Tim that I left it all up to Helen and him to do the creating. I had no doubts that I would be very pleased with the results of their planning. I won’t go into this any further, because the personal arrangements are…personal. I’m sure that everyone who is reading this knows about things that are personal…things that don’t require offering as public conversations.

Suffice it to say that Tim and Brenda Adams, and others who have helped make Helen’s deck a reality, have given much of their own labor, purely out of the goodness of their hearts. (I did, occasionally provide pizza and donuts!)

I’ll close this part of my Memorabilia with a sincere “thank you” to each and every one of my QR friends and neighbors who have been so kind and generous to my beloved Helen and to her curiously eccentric husband of 56 years. You have made this difficult time easier to deal with, and, ironically, have even made it joyful.

Here, I want to add some writing about Love and Friendship that I believe is appropriate in this  Season of Love and Season of Giving.

September 18, 2010

Friendship: the perfect blendship

By Frank Maguire

Though my poem "Ever Now" has been published before, I am tacking it onto this article because I think it fits the context. Typical of that "disease" which seems congenital in writers of poetry, there was a persistent discomfort that something was missing...that what I am trying to transmit was deficient. The art of poetry is to convey a universal condition as concisely as possible but with sufficient completeness. I have italicized the two lines that I have added. Ah, now I can sleep peacefully.

As a night-club musician for over 40 years, I received the equivalent of a grad degree in social psychology. I learned that what some adults often called friendship is nothing like the friendship I learned as an athlete on the often rough playing-fields of Dorchester, Massachusetts. I paid close attention to women "friends" as they counseled one another. Usually they talked of "relationships." How I came to hate that word! The silly and potentially deadly advice they shared prompted me, later, to compose my Writer's Prayer: "Oh God, I pray that if I write something foolish that those who read my foolishness are not fools."

Another common senselessness I observed I call "cronyism." This was a condition of co-dependent males cemented together in arrested development. I often wondered if these doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs, and sports fanatics were as stupid when sober as they were under the influence of strong spirits. If so, I measured, how did they function in their profession?

As a proverbial "fly on the wall," I received a wonderful education on Friendship. What is it? What is its value? I read the wisdom of pundits who spoke of Friendship. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote "No man is useless while he has a friend." Stevenson, ironically, also wrote "So long as we love, we serve." Which is fine, I guess, but dependent upon what "love" means.

Then there is the curious council of Oliver Wendell Holmes — writer and jurist. Holmes adds heavily to the confusion: "Don't flatter yourself that friendship authorizes you to say disagreeable things to your intimates." There is, here, another irony. I have learned through the years that friendship is the opposite of Holmes' counsel. Being agreeable when friendship requires disagreement is a type of condescension. The transcendent value of a friend is that he loves you enough to tell you the truth even though it might be disagreeable. If one is really your friend, truly caring for your welfare, then giving and accepting bold counsel is proof of friendship. Ralph Waldo Emerson presents, to me, a wise definition of Friendship: "I do not wish to treat friendship daintily, but with roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frost-work, but the solidest thing we know."

Perhaps my favorite definition of Friendship was written by Henry Ward Beecher: "It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So, to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship." One who through cowardice or indifference hides the truth from a friend, is the worst kind of enemy. A friend is one of whom Plutarch wrote "I want not a friend servilely to comply with all my humors and fancies, and ever be obedient to my nod, for my shadow does as much as this, but I want one who will follow me only in obedience to truth, and assist me impartially with his judgment."

Ever Now by Frank Maguire

I know Iago is my friend because he tells me so.

And to be certain that I call him "friend,"

He tells me twice again.

It is Iago's goal that into friendship he must bind me;

So, constantly, he does remind me.

If then upon his action I reflect,

What friend am I if I suspect?

If 'twixt his acts and words I find confusion,

Is it not my own delusion?

And if I twist 'tween "friend" or "foe,"

Am I not wary unto woe?

What is the test I need apply

To know what is the truth and what the lie?

Polonius counsels to oneself one must be true;

If that is so is there a time he shan't be true to you?

Does it depend how we define

Which truth is his and which is mine?

The Truth is true for all, not one —

A special Truth? A special Sun?

Alpha, Omega...first to last,

The Truth is Ever Now, and never past.

Iago: In Shakespeare's "Othello", Iago is the master of manipulation who ruins several lives maliciously and treacherously. Iago devises a plot that manipulates Roderigo to commit bloody deeds for his treacherous ends. All the major characters become pawns and eventually victims of Iago. It is as though Iago is a master writer who writes the whole play in which all characters aremerely puppets.

Polonius is the complex character in "Hamlet" who provokes much scholarly debate regarding his character.

© Frank Maguire


Frank Maguire 1-26-1992    Frank saluting President   Ronald Reagan at Reagan’s  birthplace in Tampico, Illinois.

A Fathers’ Legacy

What legacy can I endow to whom I love?

None better than “There is a God above.”

If but this wisdom I bestow I have not failed my love to show;

And if this one sight helped you see I have not failed my loyalty.

If God can use one weak as I

To set your heart to Him on high,

If this poor sinner can endure, that you be loving, true and pure,

I have not failed at what is best, though I might fail at all the rest.

To you my children and my wife

I do devote my earthly life

That in this weakling you might see How Grace and Mercy salvaged me,

So when I pass it may be hailed “In loyalty he has not failed.”

At last season’s art show (2012) at Keith and Lorraine Paddicks’ Jan Maw and I chatted about various things—music, art, and the Quail Run“family.” I suggested that she might put her thoughts down on paper, and the lovely lady did so. So, since y’all are QR family members, I figured that you’d like to read what Jan wrote. Thanks to the initiative and talent of QR management and staff, we now have a web-site—in gloriously full color-- par excellence.

Helen and I will continue to produce the print-version of the Quail Run Express, and with the web-site we can expand to include material—bio’s, “family” stories of interest, etc, that will enable us all to get to know our neighbors and share common interests.

I have selected five “mementos” for this season that caught my interest. Jan’s is the first. There is no itinerary of production, so they’ll appear when they appear. Every few weeks until season’s end. Along with the specific pieces, Helen and I will include QR happenings of interest.

Thanks for reading! Your suggestions for future material are certainly welcome.

Frank and Helen M. site 157
December, 2012

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